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Goethe Lieder by Beethoven, Zelter, Reichardt, Mozart, and Romance by Szymanowska

Fanie Antonelou, soprano

Sofya Gandilyan, fortepiano

Instruments: Fortepiano by Johann Gottlieb Fichtel, Vienna?, 1803

Fortepiano by Nannette Streicher, Vienna Opus 117 (?), 1816


EUR 20 incl. postage

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Greek soprano Fanie Antonelou and German pianist Kerstin Mörk have joined forces to create an exciting project entitled "Affinities - Greek and German Art Songs"

Songs by Yannis Constantinidis, Dimitri Mitropoulos, Nikos Skalkottas, Emilios Riadis, Manolis Kalomiris, Dimitrios Lialios,

as well as Arnold Schönberg, Kurt Weill, Ludwig Thuille, Anton Beer-Walbrunn, Philipp Jarnach, and Alexander von Zemlinsky.

In a carefully compiled sequence of 23 songs, they explore the relationship between Greek and German art songs - and this is varied, marked by friendships, family relationships and teacher-pupil relationships. 

EUR 20 incl. postage

das was nicht da war.jpg
Songs by composer Boris Yoffe (*1968)

in poetry by Theodor Fontane, Nikolai Zabolotsky, Georg Trakl, Daniil Charms, and Riccardo Held

Fanie Antonelou, soprano

Angela Yoffe, piano

EUR 10 incl. postage

Mozart, Le Nozze Di Figaro 
With Andrei Bondarenko, Simone Kermes, Fanie Antonelou, Christian van Horn, Mary-Ellen Nesi,  MusicaAeterna Ch
oir&Orchestra, conductor: Teodor Currentzis
3 CDs
Sony Classical

“My credo is that every performance you give has to be like a pregnancy. You have to dream and you have to wait until the time comes when you see the miracle happening. If you’re not like that in music, you lose the central idea of music. Music is not a profession and it’s not about reproduction. It’s a mission.” 
 – Teodor Currentzis


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la fenice vespro.jpg

Monteverdi: Il Vespro della Beata Vergine

Fanie Antonelou, Lina Marcela López, soprani

Christophe Baska, altus 

Jan van Elsacker, Hansjörg Mammel, tenori

Romain Bockler, bass

Ensemble La Fenice

Favoriti della Fenice 

Maîtrise de Reims, Sandrine Lebec

Leitung: Jean Tubéry

Book + CD

"Music of the Troubadours in the Latin Kingdom of Thessalonica after 1204"

Ensemble Ex Silentio

Fanie Antonelou, voice
Dimitris Kountouras
, flutes & musical director
Thimios Atzakas, oud
Elektra Miliadou, fiddle
Nikos Varelas, percussion


EUR 20 incl. postage

η μουσικη των τροβαδούρων.jpg
Ensemble Ex Silentio

Fanie Antonelou & Theodora Baka, voice
Dimitris Kountouras
, flutes & musical director
Sokratis Sinopoulos, lyra
Thimios Atzakas, oud
Andreas Linos & Elektra Miliadou, fiddle
Nikos Varelas, percussion

The Greek Medieval music ensemble Ex silentio’s album reflects the musical life of the oriental courts of T
hessaloniki (Greece), Nikosia (Zyprus) and Istanbul (Turkey) amoung others.

Carpe Diem Records (2020)
conductor: Antonino Fogliani

Composed by the young Gioachino Rossini in eleven days to comply with a contractual commitment, "L'occasione fa il ladro"(Opportunity Makes A Thief) is a comedy of multiple confusions. Count Alberto, travelling to be wed to a fiancée he has yet to meet, leaves an inn with the wrong suitcase. Don Parmenione audaciously adopts the Count's identity, determined to take the bride for himself. This single-act burletta is a swift and deftly plotted moral drama, Rossini's exuberant inspiration poured into interactions both tender and hilariously bewildering.
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